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Business Mentoring | Face Facts AZ

Helping Estheticians build a successful longterm career

Private coaching and mentoring services
I have been a Licensed Esthetician for twenty-two years. I began my career as a makeup artist back in 1996.

My passion began with my love for makeup. Specifically bright red lipstick.

I was fortunate to be able to do makeup for many many beautiful brides and practice as a makeup artist in the modeling industry where I taught young girls the art of makeup application.
I decided to take a hiatus from the industry to become a mom to my two kids Zoee and Gunnar.  Motherhood and my career have always been synonymous. No matter where I am in life they always take the front seat.
Seven years ago I decided to embark on the best decision in my career and buy an existing skincare business from a dear friend who was retiring. This decision has not only led me down a path of entrepreneurship but down a road of self-growth and development I never dreamt of.
I work with men and women ranging from 10-95 years of age.  In all walks of life and nationalities.  I feel so blessed with the opportunity to have such a diverse clientele and one that allows me to be their skincare partner for every phase of life.  I treat young kids with acne and problem skin, middle-aged women who struggle with hormonal skin issues and aging men and women who want to maintain a healthy skin appearance.
I love to travel and experience new places.  I always book a facial at a spa wherever I am visiting to experience what others in the industry are doing.  This helps me to not only feel refreshed but I almost always learn something new and exciting that I can take back to incorporate in my business. There is nothing in life more valuable than an experience that leaves you feeling refreshed and renewed to make life so much sweeter.
I recently was asked to interview for an article in a local magazine where I would be highlighted as a trailblazer.  I never thought of myself as such but this experience helped me to reflect on all the I had accomplished and learned over the years and gave me the insight into wanting to help others who are interested in becoming estheticians and business owners themselves.

I offer a mentorship program to guide new estheticians who are looking to find a lasting and lucrative career with the industry as well as existing Estheticians who are looking to step out and own their own buisness.


To find out how we can work together, text me at 602-909-1740 or email me at facefacts311@gmail.com


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